our materials: organic cotton

The trend towards fast and cheap fashion often means someone or something else is paying the price. When it comes to cotton, this can be the farmers - 99% of whom live on the breadline in developing countries - or the environment, which is degraded and poisoned by pesticides and fertilisers. 

Standard cotton production is responsible for the consumption of more than 15% of the world’s total production of pesticides

Organic Cotton is cotton that is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on it. It is grown on land that has been treated and given sufficient time (at least 3 years) for the removal of all the toxic residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used earlier on it.

The cotton is from original plants, meaning plants that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any chemicals (washes, bleaches, colors, or scents) during its processing and packaging.

Our drawstring bags are made and printed in the UK using two layers of organic cotton and designed to be used for life - designed as an alternative to plastic-lined wash bags, we also recommend it as a way of bringing smaller loose items back from your local shops!

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