our materials: aluminium

Why we love aluminium

Aluminium naturally occurs deep beneath the earth's surface combined within minerals.  The process of extracting aluminium involves a lot of energy and if left in landfill will take hundreds of years to breakdown.  However, products made with aluminium are infinitely and widely recyclable, making it a closed loop material. 

ø Nearly 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today

Although Aluminium is not biodegradable, it is a re-usable and recyclable material, that doesn't degrade (unlike plastic) each time it is processed.  Because of this, it means aluminium 'waste' has a high value to manufacturers, and will continue to live on in new recycled products as long as it is returned to the correct recycling facilities. 

Re-use and recycle

Aluminium is strong and lightweight making it perfect for use in a variety of products including containers, cans, foil, utensils, window frames, computer and aeroplane parts. It is more malleable and prone to dents than other metals but we think the way aluminium evolves and changes over time is part of its charm.

ø Around 5.9 billion aluminium drinks cans are recycled in the UK every year. That's enough to circle the world almost 18 times if laid end to end

A can made with recycled aluminium uses 5% of the energy it takes to produce a can with virgin material - saving the equivalent energy to watching tv for three hours!  If you ever wish to part with your Pød aluminium product, please ensure you put it in your local recycling so it can live on as a can, an aeroplane wing or another product!

Pød products

Our aluminium travel range is made for eco-conscious travellers who want a sustainable alternative to single use plastic miniatures.  Our bottles and jars have an FDA approved, BPA-free food-safe lining that doesn't stop them being recyclable, so their use isn't just limited to cosmetics and cleaning products.  

Our hope is that they will become household favourites, re-used again and again, replacing hundreds of plastic containers throughout their lifetime.  We're firm believers in the importance of incremental daily changes to our habits, like saying no to single-use plastic and replacing with re-usable and recyclable aluminium, to change the world.

Please join us on the journey..

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