behind the scenes: PATTERNITY + pød pattern inspiration

We spoke to Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, the pattern pioneers behind PATTERNITY to delve more deeply in to their design philosophy and the inspiration behind our graphic patterned collaboration..

So why do you think pattern is so important to making our lives better?
Firstly we believe pattern can help us be more curious.

It can help us live life with more awareness and find inspiration and beauty in everyday life. It can help us to be mindful and see often-overlooked magnificence in the mundane world around us.

We believe pattern can help us to be more collaborative

It’s a unifying language that can simplify complexity and brings disparate worlds together so we can learn from each other – blurring the boundaries and creating a dialogue between disciplines like science, spirituality and design.

We believe pattern can help us feel more connected

Pattern is a unique lens that teaches us about our deep connection to the natural world; the web of life. When we remember our interconnectivity from the macro to the micro we start to feel more grateful and care more for our environment, each other and indeed ourselves. This feeling of connection can inspire us to question the sustainability of our personal and collective patterns of behaviour – and feel inspired and empowered to start using our creativity to design new ones..

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" 

Pattern pioneer William Morris

What meaning is there behind the patterns and colours you've used in the collection?
We’ve been synonymous with bold black and white patterns since the launch of PATTERNITY back in 2009. There’s something soothing about black and white and to us this monochrome colour palette helps us to limit choice and focus people on the pattern.

Black and white also celebrates the principles of yin and yang, dark and light, the balance of masculine and feminine ways of being that shape our interconnected lives here on earth. Using primarily black and white has been a journey of exploration for us as a business and in our own personal lives and something we explore more deeply through our educational and embodied pattern focussed wellbeing and creativity events.

We’ve chosen to launch this collaboration with very recognisable trademark PATTERNITY patterns, bold graphic geometrics and newer outline patterns. These patterns celebrate the fundamental shapes of life, bold arrangements and outlines of circles, triangles and rectangles. Life as seen up close or set back is constructed out of these fundamental shapes and these patterns celebrate that and remind us of our sacred interconnectivity to our environment, each other and ourselves.

What about teal? Does it have some significance for you at PATTERNITY?
Teal is a magical colour that has been inspired by our deep explorations into the changing cultural paradigm we are all currently living through. Both a direct reference to the beauty and wonder of nature – our ultimate creative inspiration, and also teal links to a new shift in leadership and systems thinking that we’ve been very inspire by along the PATTERNITY journey so far.

We’ve been particularly inspired by a business and cultural pioneer called Frederic Laloux who has written a book called ‘Reinventing Organizations’. He describes the age we’re moving into as the ‘Teal Age’ – an age where we honour our interconnectedness with the natural world and begin to challenge outmoded models of organisation and leadership which are based on top down hierarchical systems to new shared balanced models. So teal is a direct celebration of this as we all collectively move from a unsustainable ways of being to an appreciation of the interconnectedness of life.

Amazing, thank you for sharing your pattern inspiration with us... 

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