behind the scenes: PATTERNITY + pød collaboration

We caught up with the co-founders and pattern pioneers behind PATTERNITY to learn more about their sustainable philosophy and our graphic patterned collaboration.

Hi Anna and Grace, for anyone new to PATTERNITY, who are you and what do you do?
We're a conscious creative collective and lifestyle brand founded to inspire mindful living through design. We're passionate about the power of pattern to elevate environmental and social causes. All our projects are underpinned by a core philosophy that ‘everything is connected’. Our award-winning design projects, products and experiences activate our mission: to encourage people to incorporate positive thinking and behaviour into everyday life.

Well, obviously we're on board! What does this project with pød mean to you?
We’ve been talking about patterns for positive living for many years now but when we met Mark from pød and started dreaming into this collaboration, we were so excited.. it's a practical coming together of both pød and PATTERNITY’s shared values. We’re super aligned about wanting to explore more sustainable ways of being and challenging existing habits. This range is a simple, practical way to implement our philosophy and inspire positive patterns of living in modern life.

Together we’ve co-created a consciously designed range of products to send out positive ripples into the world.

What is special about the range and working with pød?
With some of our previous collaborations we’ve been disconnected from the manufacturing process and materials involved which has felt in conflict with our ethos and design philosophy on transparency and sustainability. With this collaboration, we’re involved in the whole process and fully understand the materials and manufacturing involved. Our products are made in Switzerland and the UK in good working conditions and utilising recycled aluminium. It’s so refreshing and feels positive from the outset. We were drawn to the cyclical life and nature of aluminium – it’s important to us that the products can be fully recycled and won’t be contributing to landfill. 

What inspired the range?
Travel and exploration is a key aspect of the PATTERNITY way of seeing and being both globally and locally - we celebrate a lifestyle of flow and inspiration across all the cardinal points of our beautiful earth. Also we honour this fluidity in life more day to day – from transition between studio, home, visiting friends, health routines or spending time in nature or out and about in the city.

Practically speaking travelling has a lot of environmental implications, single use airport bags, last minute purchases of miniatures that get thrown away on holiday. We live much of our lives on autopilot and continue living out the same patterns of behaviour, often because we’re pushed for time and rushing from a-to-b – so we make short term choices based on ‘efficiency’ that actually damage our environment in the long term. And all of this is so out of sight!

We’re all becoming much more aware that our patterns on personal levels are playing out in our collective cultural patterns and having a dramatic impact on our precious planet. Our oceans and soil are filling up with toxic waste and buckling under the pressure of single use plastic.

As with all our creative projects at PATTERNITY this collaboration is about encouraging people to find creative ways to change their patterns of behaviour, and make this journey towards more sustainable ways of being more fun, joyful and beautifully designed!  

How will you use the range to change your habits?
We spend a lot of my time travelling for our PATTERNITY projects and it’s important for us that we feel a sense of home wherever we go. So much about the feeling of home for us is making the space feel nourishing.  Smells, textures and rituals, like lighting a candle at the end of a long day or using certain aromas to wake up in the morning are key to feel a sense of grounded-ness and comfort.

These travel items allow for that – whether it’s to take incense or tea lights on a trip or just the right amount of bath salts, or mixing organic concoctions rather than buying a cheap product I would never usually use at the airport! It’s been super fun co-creating our first range of POSITIVE PATTERN products with pød we can’t wait for the collaboration to evolve and expand into even more products for modern mindful living..

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